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Pictures from -everdeen.

Legend of Korra, Season 1: Makorra

If you have any requests for gif compilations, send me an ask!

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I don’t care if you’re the Avatar or not. Listen, when Tarrlok took you, I was losing my mind at the thought of never seeing you again. I realized…I love you, Korra.
Mako, 1x12 Endgame (via fireferretfuzzies)
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I love you, too.

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modern gaang

well, even though Mai is not exactly a part of gaang and there is no Suki. I just started drawing it with Zuko, and apparently Zuko turned out holding Mai and I continued drawing them together. Tokka is not supposed to be a couple here..or maybe it is.. I am evil, who knows:D

I figured there won’t be anything bad, if I will actually keep Aang’s arm tattoos:3 And Sokka with his hair down, because Sokka is hot with his hair down though I didn’t quite manage to make him hot here. but I love his t-shirt:D

Zuko.. I guess Zuko would pretty much wear hoody almost all the time, and in a way trying to hide his face, because, let’s face it, people in real world are cruel. But, yeah, Zuko is Zuko so who knows how much he would actually care about it. Also, I guess Zuko would be that type of don’t-even-dare-to-look-at-MY-girlfriend:D

PS Mai is not angry at Zuko, she’s just unimpressed over someone she sees.

and..well, Toph is Toph:P

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Whatever happens today

It has been my honor sharing this with you fandom. 

It wouldn’t have been the same without you guys


I feel as though Bryan Konietzko, Sifu Kisu, and Bill Rinaldi were like the stressed-out baby-sitters, who had to control us, the crazy fandom, which constantly fights.

Then Michael Dante Dimartino enters, and is like:

“Honey, I’m home!”

And we quickly cease our fighting, and love each other, while Bryan, Kisu, and Bill are on the floor,  half-dead from exhaustion.

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I’m not ready for tomorrow, guys.

physically, mentally, emotionally

But all I know is that avatar state Korra if when it happens is going to be spectacular

And makorra dear heaven I’M NOT READY

just beautiful:)

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Have you guy’s all seen this! Watch it it’s amazing! In honor of the finale this beautiful video Rubik’s Cube by sightbender! 63,931 views already.